10 common mistakes in oral hygiene

  1. teeth brushing is performed only in the morning. Teeth brushing is Dentistrymore important in the evening because it  removes food debris accumulated during the day.
  2. eating snacks or drinking sugar drinks (like Coca Cola) after brushing.
  3. brushing the teeth only on the outside surface. Teeth should be brushed on all surfaces even if some of them are harder to reach.
  4. brushing with “full force”. This may cause sensitive teeth, gums retraction, enamel attrition.
  5. over-using a toothbrush (with curve bristles). This leads to improper teeth cleaning.
  6. improper brushing technique – horizontal brushing. Brushing should be done vertically, for the upper teeth and the lower teeth, from the gum to the tooth.
  7. brushing the teeth too often. This can lead to an accelerated damage Dental flossof the teeth.
  8. a too short brushing. It should last at least 3 minutes.
  9. an improper toothbrush cleaning. After brushing rinse the brush under running water and repeatedly beat the edge on the sink.
  10. failing to floss. This procedure can prevent stains and cavities between the teeth.

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